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Cerpen Bahasa Inggris (Cerpen Remaja)

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris (Cerpen Remaja)
Bagi Anda yang sedang mencari contoh cerpen remaja dalam bahasa Inggris, berikut ini contoh cerpen remaja sukses dalam bahasa Inggris yang mugkin berguna buat Anda. Cerpen ini mengisahkan seorang remaja dari keluarga kurang mampu bernama Huda yang akhirnya berhasil menjadi orang yang sangat sukses.

Huda is a teenager who was born from a poor family . As a child , Huda often do not receive food rations due to the economic conditions of a very poor family . While his friends buy snacks dikantin school , Huda just sitting in class or playing in the park during recess .

Despite the very poor condition , but this teen never despair . Huda remain excited about the future , it is reflected in her enthusiasm and persistence in learning . Huda is the figure of a very diligent student , and often helps her friends who have difficulty understanding the material in the school curriculum .

It's not easy for a teenager who still lack experience and do not have a connection like Huda . However , he is still trying to build a better future with a lot more reading , try something new , and do not know the despair though he continued complicated by financial conditions .

at the age of 17 years during which time he had just graduated from high school this late teens then focus on finding a job . All his friends went to college education , but it is increasingly motivated him to do more so that it can maximize the results of studying of his own sweat .

A month later Huda finally accepted to work in a private company . Receives salary is very low at the beginning of her work. As time goes by exactly five months after he worked in the company Huda get a raise exactly $ 4 million per month .

The salary is not easy to come by an employee armed with only a high school education the end , and because of his persistence in working it can make a significant contribution to the company so that the company's management does not mind to give high salaries to these teens .

Huda partial salary money allocated for family empowerment . While the rest saved for college education costs later . Huda successful in pleasing their families both in terms of personality and material .

One year later Huda official entry into public universities . Huda majored in business management . Consideration of a number of factors this teenager finally decided to stop work from his company . He decided to look for a new job for the sake of his career .

It did not take long for Huda to find a new job , of course, work in a larger company and high-paying . With a student status as well as its employees Huda at a reputable company . Huda in the company are given a monthly salary of 7 million every month .

Day after day went by , and life is getting better Huda even much better . It is none other than due diligence so that could be a successful teenager.

Demikian contoh cerpan bahasa Inggris tentang motivasi, semoga bermanfaat. Untuk mengetahui arti secara detailnya silakan baca artikel contoh cerpen motivasi remaja.

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Post title: Cerpen Bahasa Inggris (Cerpen Remaja)
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