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Most Successful Indonesian Bloggers With Their Own Blogs

Most Successful Indonesian Blogger
Nowadays blogging has become a very popular online activity, most people who are using internet know about blog. Indonesia is one country that has the largest population, some community groups increasingly showing interest in the blogging routine.

As we know, blogging activity can indeed make money online, and this is one of the compelling reasons that make some groups of Internet users in Indonesia wants to learn blogging and making money from blogs which they manage.

Internet use was widespread in Indonesia is still new compared to some developed countries, such as USA, UK, Canada or the number of developed countries in Asia such as Japan , Korea or China.

A few years has passed by, and the growth of the Internet in Indonesia is growing up rapidly. Now internet users in Indonesia are colorful, mostly just to read the news, some of them are using the Internet to search for information, finding a reference, and also to become a blogger .

Referring to the history of the Internet in Indonesia that is still relatively new, there are only a few local bloggers who could be a success blogger with their blogs, but in a few years to go I believe there will be many Indonesian bloggers can be successful.

Here are a few successful Indonesian blogger at this moment according to my research and reviews of some bloggers.

1. Isinaini
Blog: isnaini.com
Plaform: WordPress

2. Cosa Aranda
Blog: panduandasar.com
Platform: WordPress

3. Assri Tada
Blog: assritada.com
Platform: WordPress

4. Agus Ramandhani
Blog: www.o-om.com, www.zoomtempate.com
Platform: Blogger

5. Herman Yudiono
Blog: blogodolar.com
Platform: WordPress

6. Medhy Hidayat
Blog: www.blogguebo.com
Platform: Blogger

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Post title: Most Successful Indonesian Bloggers With Their Own Blogs
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