Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher For Sale

You may need the latest information about stone crushers or specifically about vertical shaft impact crushers for sale that your company may need.

MechTech The Vertical Impact Shaft (VSI) is designed for increased productivity, low maintenance  and minimal energy consumption.

Why you should choose a MechTech impact crusher 

vertical shaft impact crusher

MechTech offers a wide range of impact crushers, whether for crushing soft materials such as coal or harder materials such as limestone, dolomite, plate or sandstone. MechTech has extensive experience to ensure the best results in our customers' applications.

Not only do we understand the process and  application, but we are also aware of the issues that affect your bottom line. Compared to jaw crushers, impact crushers are generally more cost-effective in terms of reduction factor, energy costs, product quality, and maintenance costs.

Vertical impact shaft operation

The crusher works by accelerating the material to be crushed through a rapidly rotating impeller in a crushing chamber lined with the same material.This phenomenon results in a stone-on-stone (autogenous) crushing effect.
When a smaller product size than the batch size is required, this crusher will generally operate in a closed circuit with a vibrating screen of appropriate size and  capacity. However, the crusher can also be operated in an open circuit. In both  cases, a sieve of the required size is required for the final sorting of  products. The grading of the product is modified by controlling the rotation speed of the turbine and/or the quality (percentage) of the multiflow used.

Design Features

Material entering the multipass valves flows through channels into the grinding chamber  and is impinged from the opposite direction by material from the impeller. In the mining, quarrying and aggregate industries, MechTech vertical shaft impact crushers are used to produce high quality  sand and high quality shaped aggregate.

Due to the increased versatility of this equipment, it is used in applications such as B. Laminated Prestressed Concrete (RCC) for dam construction, mineral/industrial crushers (glass, slag, etc.) for crushing high value, highly abrasive materials are well established.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers For Sale

If your company needs a vertical shaft impact crusher machine, there is a lot of information on the internet that sells this machine.

You can determine in advance the specifications of the stone crusher or the criteria for the vertical shaft impact crusher you want to buy.

Because there are various product choices out there, make sure you make observations before you finally decide to buy one of the vertical shaft impact crusher products so that the product you get fits your needs.

Final Thoughts About Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

This is the information that we can convey about the vertical shaft impact crusher, one of the stone crushing machines that is widely needed by companies.

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